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You see that I have now become obsessed
with poems on September tragedy,
with thoughts I cannot easily digest.

Our nation’s equanimity was stressed
when enemies went on a killing spree.
You see that I have now become obsessed,

and cannot shake the shadows that oppressed
a day with death, the air full of debris.
Those thoughts I am not able to digest.

To tell the truth, whoever could have guessed
that USA would be their designee?
You see that I have now become obsessed

with processing the fact that their flight test
took place in schools right here. Then they’d break free.
These thoughts I cannot easily digest.

No, we would not surrender to arrest.
Yes, we stand strongproclaims our lit marquee.
Although you see that I have been obsessed,
I write to process thoughts that won’t digest.

I Remember….


9-11 I remember so many years ago,

The senseless crime when lives were lost,

And terror filled the sky.

Hands reached out in disbelief of what they saw before them,

Screams of fear and cries for help

I remember  many years ago.

When strangers came together for those that lost their lives,

And honored them for bravery

Yes, I remember when.

A stain has marked our earth

She is forever scarred with heroes,

For I remember when……



20 lines or less weekly writers challenge- Capturing Fireworks Of The 4th Of July ’12

July 4,2012, I was standing at our roof while watching some fireworks above the houses next to me. I really love to capture fireworks moment! The crackling sounds they were making were so awesome. Do you guys love to watch fireworks too? Please write your answer in a comment.

 Why do Americans celebrate the 4th of JulyClick here to see the history of   United States Declaration of Independence!


July 4th Challenge posted by Onleilove

OnleiloveJul 6, 4:42 pm

Submission: Freedom Day

Instead of “Independence Day” we need a Freedom Day.
A Day of truth.
A Day of love.
A Day of pride in who we are.
Artificial fireworks will never replace
the Starlights that led our ancestors to freedomland, because these lights illuminate life.
Independence is a myth that separates BUT
Freedom liberates.

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July 4th challenge submitted by Clive the cat

July 4th to me

walking in smells , sounds

hovering close to the ground

sly cat strut , from person to person

stopping at everyone A through Woodson

rubbing and feeding I’m getting it all

eating so much I barely can crawl

July 4th is for people and cats related

Independence Day for me is long-awaited

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One summer in wonderland …part 7

Tom sat all night wide awake thinking of what to do . The next morning he was anxious to get with Margie , knowing her problems he wanted to talk them over with her. Tom was out early walking around , a car pulled up and stopped in front of him . “Hey Tom get in” yelled Gary .

Tom ran up to the car and jumped in ” hey Gary whose car ya got ” tom replied . “It”s my sister’s  she’s in town for a few days ” said Gary .

Gary began talking about the jobs his sister had discussed with him for after he graduated . ” Maybe we can move down together and get work Tom ” spilled Gary . “yeah but what about Margie ” Tom replied in a hurry .

“Tom don’t you get it ” says tom “take her with us ” . Tom became real quiet looking straight ahead . He didn’t discuss the matter any more . Tom looked at Gary saying”drive up by the barn ,  I need to get my money” ! Walking in the barn , Tom’s boss Hanson  was feeding calves , he asked for his pay . Hanson looked towards the house saying “go on up and see Mable , she’s got something special for ya ” .

“ok” yelled Tom running out the door up to the house . Mable met him at the door smiling from ear to ear . Tom and Mable had been friends for almost 4 years , that he had worked at the farm . Mable handed Tom an envelope and said “Hanson and I added a little for your graduation “.

“Thank you Mable I sure do need it ” Tom said grinning as he walked over and poured a cup of coffee. ” I really need to go Mable , I’ll be late for school” Tom said hugging Mabel  goodbye

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Never the same

Just breathe

Just breathe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

sounds getting louder ,

we breathe a little faster

heart beating sounder ,

we breathe a little easier

pain going away ,

we sleep a little longer

everything’s is ok ,

we live a little happier

next thing we know

things are never the same

pain , anxiety, death

never returning to breath

cheated by the life

can’t sleep due to this strife

we pray for them to rest

we continue to do our best …




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