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Unrequited love

I’ve travelled past your window many times, when the sky was trying to touch darkness.

I look at the lamp that yields a soft light and the curtain that blows behind the partially opened glass.

I see the wooden table in the corner with your papers and the phone, that I have rung so many times, without you answering. Have you been busy, do you not answer it at all..to anyone?

Perhaps just not for me, for I would listen as it rang, salty tears running down into my mouth, brushing back my hair to stop it sticking to my cheeks. Mascara stinging my eyes.

I look back at the lake slow ripples transverse across the water, I look back at your window.

The trees are black not green.

Your eyes dark I remember them, you think I don’t.

The water is dark foreboding, yet it draws me.

It is cold, my toes touch it’s edges, it laps against my ankles.

Touches my stomach, half of me is numbed, my dress floats to the surface.

I walk.

Each pore turned white.

The water is dark, the sky matching.

I remember your dark eyes.

I loved you.

I will be your ghost for breaking my heart.

If only you answered my calls….

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Tristesse dans l’amour

like the moon,
you speak to me
in your silence…
you touch me with just your
look…and caress my soul
with your music….

like the meadowlark
you sing to me
in my dreams…
i am lulled into a peaceful
slumber and kept in
a gentle sway with
the melody of your song…

i am captivated with
the lightness of your ideas…
and charmed by your intellect…
i think you’ve cast a spell on me
without knowing…and
though you will never
be mine…i am forever yours…


forest of unrequited love


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