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An Afternoon at Cabrillo National Monument

I posted a longer version of this over at my blog, but thought this might make an interesting post over here at 20 Lines or Less.  The photos below are from my visits to the Cabrillo National Monument back in October 2009 and March 2010.

Cabrillo National Monument is located at the very tip of the Point Loma Peninsula in California.  This national park, provides breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. To see the exhibits at the Visitor Center and walk the path around the lighthouse takes approximately an hour but sightseeing down by the tide pools can be one’s main event for the day.

A must-see while at Cabrillo is the Old Point Loma Lighthouse.

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Dream of Hokkaido

snow falling gently…
cold breeze
sweeping through…
lone tree and footprints
on deep snow -
like carvings on wood…
snow-capped Asahidake…
smoke from fiery coal -
slowly turning to embers…
Ainu chanting…
water cascading on rocks -
graceful like silk…
hot spring warmth…
robatayaki kaiseki dinner…


Vacation Photos (Idea taken from 20 lines photo challenge)

This was from my son’s vacation to Hawaii a few years ago, some of the pics he took.  And although I titled it to go in the challenge, please don’t include this in the actual challenge since it’s my son’s glory and not mine. :)  But…you can like them all you want! Ha ha!

All photos credited and copyrighted to my son, Thomas J. Rasor (used with the bold assumption of his permission.) :)



Anne, your post, Dolphin Cruise, reminded me to tell you all that we will be leaving next Thursday, July 12, for vacation until Thursday, July 19. My husband and I (did I already tell you this?) are going to Lopez Island in Puget Sound, Washington state, to visit a friend. She happens to be a published author, of British mysteries, no less. She and I spend hours on the phone talking about books, authors, writing, and teaching. She’s leaving at the end of summer to teach writing to teachers for two years in Kuwait, a job she’s looking forward to with great excitement.

She has planned to take us on a whale-watching cruise, so we will be seeing orcas, gray whales, and humpbacks, along with eagles, sea otters, and other wildlife. I can’t wait.

Just wanted to let you know that if I seem quiet, it will be because I’ll be gone. M. doesn’t have great internet service on the island, and I wouldn’t take my computer with me on vacation anyhow. Be sure that when I get back I’ll be right back to my computer activities, and 20 Lines is at the top of the list.

Have a great week, and I’ll see you when I return.

An orca whale breaching

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life on the edge

eyes are open ,

thoughts are broken ,

tempting me ,

day and night stalking ,

spying , waiting , watching

heartbeat gaining speed ,

urges haunting the good ,

life on the edge ,

together as a chain ,

all hope is held high.


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Spread the love ….

Giggle and Hoot (TV series)

Giggle and Hoot (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that the clouds have given way

The rain we’ve had has gone astray

Sun peeking down into hearts without doubt

Pushing away gloom , the dark brings about

Sisters are laughing joyous and gay

Their children jumping , giggle as they play

Worry is put back it seems to be shrinking

Watching kids play with not so much thinking

The day fly’s smooth like a solid white dove

All need to remember to please spread this love


The Man in The Window…young Terrance

I have done some research on the McMillan family after talking with Mary Alice . I went to the newspaper archives and found some interesting information . The clarity of this whole situation reminded me of driving in a snow storm  . Terrance Theodore McMillan was born on September 26 1943 ,  according to local rumors he was also born almost three weeks premature . He was a rather small child and was looked after closely by his mother . Mary didn’t let him out of her sight , she even schooled him at home as there were no records of Terrance attending the local pubic school .

 One of the most amazing things about this little mystery is , there’s no record of young Terrance’s body being found . I have made appointments with the local historians , maybe they know something of this personally . I am also going to speak with some of the older persons in town and see what they remember of the McMillan family . The facts were very scattered, and being the early 50s, were often easily overlooked . In this small town everyone knew everyone , or closer to the fact , the only things they really knew where passed down from generation to generation . The imaginations of some ran away , personal attacks were perpetrated by others , as long as the foundation of these invasions were supported by other towns people  . I do know from speaking to a few , the McMillan family stayed to themselves , because of this they drew gossip and rumors being spread about them .

The next thing about this whole mess that makes my skin crawl is I was also born on September 26 exactly 20 years after young Terrance .


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If you could be …..Maggie’s challenge….?

   First of all …Maggie wow what a great Idea…! What light would I be , thought about this for some time . The light I want to be is the shine of the young girls eye the minute she receives that first kiss , The glimmer when she finds out she’s pregnant . The glow when that little boy gets what he wants for Christmas . The sparkle when dad watches his kids in their first soccer game . It’s the small things in life we all need to get back in touch with . That light is the finest thing I know !!


The Man In The Window….cont

I got up this morning , made a cup of coffee and had a conversation with my mom about the people who lived here before us . I learned many things , I guess I was never  aware of . The Daughter of the man in the window was still alive . She moved from here one week after her father died and never returned to this house . She continues to live in this small village , but refuses to come back in this house . There was a few other occurrences I was interested in , my mom came clean on some of them . It would seem this presence is nothing new , they ( my parents ) hid this entity from us taking blame for certain instances themselves , not wanting to get their children involved or excited .

I plan to go and visit this lady ( hopefully) today , if she will talk to me . I do have many questions for her . I have known her most of my life , she was always so nice to me , but I think she was to almost all that lived here. I just want to know the true reason for her moving and never wanting to come back in the house . I feel something happened here that she wanted to bury with her dad . My mom has even told me there have been other pictures over the years , with faint presences she has discarded not to let anyone see.

I would have argued about this kind of thing with you all day long . I have never been a big believer in the spiritual world or even religion . I have done a lot of soul-searching , being a recovering addict I have come to know there is a higher being than us all . I know what I heard , and I can see with my own eyes . I hope everyone makes up their own minds . I’m not sure why this happened at this specific time in my life , I am going to research this though . Thanks for reading…

  • The man in the window… (anexerciseindiscipline.wordpress.com)

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The man in the window…

It’s no secret , while I’m going through rehab and recovery I’m staying at my mom and dads . Growing up here was rather unsettling at times , and grand at others . An old story my dad would tell us was “Peg leg Wilson ” a made up tail about an old guy with a wooden leg . I wont lie , it scare the crap out of me and I think the other kids as well . We grew up in an old two-story house with plenty of noises on its own , without the manufacture of them . My younger brother and I shared a bedroom , it was the biggest bedroom in the house . It had a small closet in one of the corners that I was always scared of . When the lights went off the noises always began .

I have visited my mom and dad over the years many times and always felt a presence around me . This time visiting I am feeling this a little more , but i put it off due to my body healing . The other day I was wandering around the yard , Taking pictures of some flowers . I actually posted them on 20 lines under the heading of Sights of summer . Anyway , I walked into the garage and heard something , I listened a little closer , It was my name . Someone was calling my name in a weak whisper two or three times . I looked over towards the window of the garage and quickly took a picture . I couldn’t see anything so I blew it off to my imagination and returned inside . Today I looked at the picture , to my amazement there is someone in the window . Now I showed this to my mom ( it’s no one I know ) And she tells me it looks identical to a man who lived here before them . Here’s the thing that has my skin crawling …He died in this house the day I was born….

This is the presence following me….I know now I’m not crazy…..



ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This blog contains material protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this blog may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from the author / publisher.


The Unknown

the light was seeping , I seen the road

it was covered , eyes tried to decode

brain started thinking, what could it be

the panic was there , it engulfed me

Mind started racing, then it got worse

worry set in , would i need to traverse

I want nothing but to turn around

no I wont , I wont back down

walking so slowly , continuing ahead

my body felt sharply, nothing but dread

soon as I thought , lights finally shown

day after day feels like the unknown


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