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Veteran’s Day Words

Originally posted on Grandmother Musings:

Over at The Daily Post @ WordPress.com one of the Daily Prompts is Play Lexicographer.   

I thought I would try my hand at this game, using the theme of Veteran’s Day to invent new words to honor all the men and woman who have served our country.   Here are a few words I have created …

Uvetidid –  (you-vet-I-did)  n.  a person who served in the military or a soldier who has seen considerable active service .

Vetservedcountry  (Vet-serve-country) v. a civilian who has in the past served in the military.

Honorvetservice (honor-vets-service)  v.  1. the act of honoring.  2. Something all citizens should do on Veteran’s Day and every day.

Thankavet(thank-a-vet) v.  give gratitude for the unselfish service of a Veteran.

Givevetscredit  (give-vets-credit) v.  the act of giving credit to the men and woman who have served our country. 

I wonder what other words we…

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Memorial Day

America the Beautiful

On Memorial Day weekend our neighbors across the road hang a large (and I mean LARGE) American flag from the upper balcony of their house, and it stays there until Veterans Day. I have known their patriotism because D.’s father was in the service and was honored for his bravery. He died in a Veterans’ hospital, and had been presented with several awards and accolades for his service. This, of course, means so much to D., and she is proud of him.

Of how many families can this same thing be said? We again watched the Ken Burns special the other night on WWII, and the personal stories brought us to tears.

While we have a day off, with picnics and trips to the beach, I hope we are all also thinking of the men and women who so selflessly fought for the freedoms we cherish.

God Bless America.


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