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sparkling brilliance to view, describing weather feelings from the basque country

“sparkling brilliance to view” By Jonathan McCallum

Two days ago sunrise glistening dew, sparkling brilliance to view

Yesterday shine flowing sun through thick cold rain drops

Today rainbows arc and fall painting colour on our life

Beauty light and brilliance

Each fresh day like a story yet untold

Poem by Jonathan McCallum @peoplepoesia

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Stilted House

Originally posted on CorneaCopia:

I usually refer to this picture as the house on stilts even though I’m not absolutely certain that it is, or ever was, anyone’s residence.  I just think it’s an awfully interesting structure and I like to imagine that someone enjoys living in it.  One day soon I’ll go back to take more pictures of my “stilted house” and when I go I’ll try to learn more about it.

It's a picture of a house

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