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What Treasures Contained……….

What Treasures Contained……..

A beautiful, ceramic container,

with the ornate roses on the lid.

It has been tucked away

in a far corner, in the dark, 

for oh so many, many years.

Confined by the accumulations of hoarding.

At last freed from the confines,

the beautiful little container

receives the first light,

from a window across the room.

What treasures are contained beneath the lid?


Old Salutations to Willie


In a box, long forgotten, inside my Aunt’s Hoarding Home, I found an old autograph book. Apparently, a few of William/Willie’s admirers left inscriptions inside, along the way, to say hello.

The age of the book, the cursive writing, the wit, the formality just makes it intriguing to me. Not sure who Willie was. I don’t believe this was just a curious addition to her hoarding stuff.



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