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Fishermen’s Song

Gnarling fury,
Menacing wrath!

From Poseidon’s clutches
Deliver thy torn sail!

Warping whirlpool,
Growling gale!

Hear thy cry,
Wailing screams
Echoing – ing.

Winter’s splash
Strikes cold.


like it? I appreciate demand constructive criticism! >:)


The Lone Walker

The lone walker going by the war-field,

Without nothing that could be used for a shield.

He was there weeping for the ones that have gone,

Silently with no noise what he did was moan.

He lost everything to the war,

Now he is left crying with a throat so sore.

He was crying, weeping all alone,

Never could he see his child grown.

The small child who was still in his wife’s womb,

Now he has to be buried within the tomb.

He had nothing else to live for but his pain,

Which is there settled for eternity in his brain.

But all of a sudden a voice within him speak,

The voice he did seek-

“Do not cry for the dead”, it said in a firm way,

Now he knew there would come a new day.

He won’t lose himself like he lost his beloved as such,

He would now try to survive, he knew this much.

He would live for his wife,

Dedicate to her his life.

He would live for that child, he could never know,

And love the people once again to show,

That he is still alive even after what happened to him,

And would outcast his grief full to the brim.

He would try end all this violence, so futile,

He would have to walk on a long mile.

Never would he allow anyone else to face,

He would pray to the Almighty for his grace.

The lone walker would live another life,

This time he would not allow the use of knife.

He would live, he would save,

So that not another person go in this way to grave.

The lone walker going by the war field,

With nothing that could be used as a shield,

Because he doesn’t require it anymore,

He has gained after all the ultimate lore.


Printed paper

night has fallen

hearts are beating

paranoid minds are reeling

sitting in my room so safe

thinking the violence

being placed on a sacred soul

little kids , screaming silently

for our system to save them

a brutal robbery , shots fired

no hope for intruder to be found

violence , struggle for paper

all for printed paper we foolishly

place value to , more value than life

more value than friendships

I am true , I value me and you

I would like all to know , I am a recovering addict . I was at my group meeting Friday talking to the group about my blogging and writing . The first thing brought up was ( if I was portraying myself right ) I think I have anyways I’m coming clean for the most part. I have been addicted to several drugs , abusing many just a few short months ago .  I had a seizure in an attempt to end my life . Well that kinda backfired …so I rose up and walked away from my whole life . I came back to upstate N Y and enrolled in recovery . I quit smoking cigarettes one month to the day after leaving drugs behind … I am now currently in out patient recovery and doing well . I feel ashamed at myself for the things I’ve done , I fight this thing everyday . I thank you all for being here … Tim


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