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The Blitz Poem

Beautiful sky

Beautiful love

Love so fair

Love so sly

Sly is who I am

Sly is the world

World so dreary

World is a dream

Dream in the night

Dream of the day

Day quite warm

Day with a charm

Charm act outward

Charm so fake

Fake is who I am

Fake is this world

World freedom

World enlightens

Enlightens the path

Enlightens my soul

Soul concept of life

Soul concept of death

Death for me and you

Death so inevitable

Inevitable circumstance

Inevitable depression

Depression kills

Depression controls mind

Mind your own business

Mind so lame

Lame is who I am

Lame is the world

World so sultry

World where I live

Live in the shadow

Live in the oblivion

Oblivion choices

Oblivion sky

Sky so high

Sky so blue

Blue waters

Blue cheese

Cheese of cow

Cheese I love

Love is who I am

Love is the world

World is yours

World is mine



Well, I hope you are not angry for reading this poem(yes it is a poem) which is full of meaningless phrases and words.

But I loved writing it and I hope you are also going to love it.

Blitz is a 50-line poem, completely made up of small phrases. Rules-

1. Line 1 should be one short phrase or image.

2. Line 2 should be one short phrase or image, using the same first word as the first words of Line 1.

3. Line 3 should include the phrase, using the last word of Line 2.

4. Line 4 should include the phrase, using the last word of Line 2.

5. Line 5 should include the phrase, using the last word of Line 4.

6. Line 6 should include the phrase, using the last word of Line 4.

7. Line 7 should include the phrase, using the last word of Line 6.

8. Line 8 should include the phrase, using the last word of Line 6.

9. Keep on repeating the routine till Line 48.

10. Line 49 is the last word(only) of Line 48.

11. Line 50 is the last word(only) of Line 47.

If you have any questions, do ask them. And try it- I know it is a little time consuming and a little confusing as well, but it is quite entertaining when we write it.


Anne’s Challenge- My Entry in Continuation of the poem titled The Shed!

Anne’s challenge- http://anexerciseindiscipline.wordpress.com/2012/07/05/the-shed-another-challenge-for-you/

The curiosity took the better of me,

I walked further with a surprising glee,

Looking at the shabby walls,

And those age old woolen balls,

Scattered here and there for how long who knows,

There were also the dried petals of roses arranged in rows,

The sunlight shimmered the place seeping through the opening,

Blowing in the warm pleasant air of the spring,

There was an eerie silence, peaceful but yet frightful,

And I walked away out with an automatic pull,

I tried visiting it again once more the next day,

But I could see even standing at bay,

There was no shed, nothing over the same place,

It was now an empty space,

I still remember that old shed with the sunken roof,

It is now gone leaving behind not a single proof.


I don’t know whether I should Laugh or Not!

So smooth, so warm,

And a little spongy,

An ode to my tummy.

Please don’t mind- I was trying to write about something decent but I don’t know how but I ended up writing that stuff. It is funny, isn’t it? Well, I think it is.

Have a good night to those residing now in the nighty(bad choice of word, I know) world like me and have a good day to those, still, in the presence of the daylight.


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