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The final day of vacation holds a sadness
a knowing that the hermit life created for a time must end
that all the sandy remnants washed upon the shore
which once housed life
now provide enjoyment for collectors

as their broken parts begin to renourish the shoreline
as your broken parts started to renourish while on temporary retreat

Yet the wholeness is still fleeting
as soon as the water washes upon the shore
it just as quickly recedes
and even an extended solitary stay
cannot stop the feeling
of slipping away

And so the melancholy pervades
even as the others play and walk the beach
in quiet confidence of more time

More time –
     It’s what you always want
     no matter the endeavor

More time to hug your children
More time to finish your work
More time to stay still

More –
     Nothing is ever enough

Why can’t the blessed moments in life be enough
     without wanting more?

Each moment is encapsulated in the now, past and
     future are no longer or not yet real

More implies lack, and looking out at this expanse
     you know you want for nothing
     except for More

Each shell you collected is real today but gone tomorrow
     and you still want More

Each day a gift, never to be received again
     and yet you sit, melancholy on the sand
     counting the hours until you must part
     rather than counting the waves, the shells,
     the single grains of sand that could fill up
     an entire lifetime of More

Waves, shells, sand
     they know everything comes to an end
     transition is the only way to sustain life
     they share their wisdom
     for those who are open to hear
     those who dare to turn their backs on More

SpiritLed 2014

The Ocean Within

Ebbing and flowing,
cleansing and nourishing,
from the tiniest fish that swim
in your veins, to the largest whales
of your soul, rely on the life-giving
water from within, nourished by the sun through day,
directed by the tides at night, touched by
the hand of God and bestowed the power
to create and sustain life, to raise up
great storms and inspire the heart of man,
to love with great fury and tear down walls
built long ago by another people’s war

The water that makes you
is ordained with holy wings,
harness the power of the great ocean inside,
use it not for devastation of the unruly and
sinful parts, but as a sacred trough from which
all may drink and find the blessings of life

©SpiritLed 2014



The water has always given me peace. It’s been the greatest place for me to go to have instant gratification. Happiness. Regardless of it being a pool or an ocean, the joy I find from being in the water has helped me get through so many difficult times in my life.

I want to move.

I want to live somewhere where I can see it, the deep expanse of the ocean, the wave breaks and the foam. I want to be able to run on a sandy beach and straight into the water once I feel too hot.

Maybe, perhaps, once I finally leave here, this sorrowful place in my head, I will find my ocean.

My place of peace.

My happiness.


Into the deep


Photo Credit – http://io9.com/iconic-black-and-white-photographs-colorized-911645264

PLunged into clear;  whilst murky
slept beneath avoiding
air bubbled skin
bring boats;  navigate the coast
in search of me;  my thoughts
you won’t recover
yet I fear not
breath in my lungs
will expire soon, my last
farewell to life and loves
that I have known

yet there is peace floating
bathed;  nudged in silence like your hand
in darkness across a wavy bed
for our fingers never held in love
Strike would find its way ~ as waves
CraSH towards the shore in search
of rest;  the current pulled them back
as I with you returned for
insults;  punishment

with one last look water veiled
plastic upon my skin; arms braced
I still shield myself from you
let the water gently fill my eyes
as I fear not
I shall escape into the darkness
into the sea of graves as others
have before me, indeed a privilege
of the life you found unworthy

and as I rest upon the sand
shards of light flirting with my skin
fish that pick my bones
there is freedom
no fight ~ no breath ~ no hate ~
I fear not
the TORment of you will disappear
the abyss will have swallowed me
and left you ~ a hatred memory



Respect Water!

When you upen the tap
Think about the water you sap
Ask if there’s anything
You could do towards reducing
The amount of water you will
Use for the chore until
You get to that inner area
Which senses the scarcity of water

If you think it’s too tedious
Imagine yourself bringing
Water from the taps outside
Into your room upside
Think of how people struggle
Just to get a sip without smuggle
Perhaps may prick thy being
To use water with a sense of saving


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Where Have I Been?

I’ve been gone for awhile, as I have begun a weight-loss program of healthy eating and regular cardio exercise and strength training. In two weeks I have lost 4.4 pounds, and although that is a small number, it’s just about right. My goal is to lose right around two pounds per week. I am using an online tracker to keep me honest. Daily I track all food and water (8 glasses a day) consumed, exercise, and weight.

I have a few things to say about all of this:

The scale each morning looks me in the eye.
I wonder whether I will smile or cry.
No longer do I order cherry pie,
but bread choice now is wheat or seeded rye.

I take my daily walk, enjoy the air.
This exercise has now become my fare.
I huff and puff. Sometimes I want to swear
at hills that laugh at me and mock. They dare

me with their grins of challenge. I refuse
to let them conquer me. My walking shoes
keep me on track, and I enjoy the views.
I like invigoration, not the blues.

More salad, vegetables and yummy fruit,
now yogurt, eggs and broccoli florets suit
me fine. Where is the chocolate? What a hoot –
all taste for it is gone. The point is moot:

I don’t need sweets to fill me up. The scale
shows numbers telling me: Succeed or Fail.
I now anticipate its morning mail
to tell me where I am on the weight-loss trail.

Water and Ice………… Ducks too!

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:



We have had some really bad floods in our area.



I should  have shot video as the water was flowing under the ice

it was awesome to watch.


Huge ice was breaking apart




Freezing to brush, small trees and others moving with the flow of the river.





I Love the color combo on this home.  In New England we have areas

where only colors from the Colonial Days can be used on homes  in the

Historical Districts.



Falls where water levels are controlled





It was a cold day but the walk was just what we needed wish he had taken longer


Smart Ducks sitting in the sunshine



Silly ones in the Shade and Water



Exeter NH
The town I live in used to be a part of this town.
So much history in this area of NH…

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Storm Blowing Out To Sea

After Storm Blows Out To Sea

After Storm Blows Out To Sea


When we have a Wild Storm blow through this part of The United States we seem to always be blessed with just the prettiest of days afterwards.  So blessed to call this area home.  Picturesque to be certain don’t you think?


Snow Is Falling

a old photo of our yard when snow dumps here today we shall get some they say but tomorrow it will MELT AWAY :)

AN old photo of our yard when snow dumps.   Here today we shall get some they say but tomorrow it will MELT AWAY :)



For here today they are calling for some snow.  You know it won’t make me happy as I adore my sunshine filled days.  I do however loves running out to grab a shot before one foot prints or paw print disturbs the scene.
Only wish the Deer and Moose had been having their morning drink from our stream when I ran out to snap the photo.



I have always related to stones, thought that somehow, in the kingdom of things, they speak a language. Listen. Listen hard. You’ll hear the water burble over them, the children’s laughter as they toss them here or there.

And look. See those colors, shapes, the veins? What stories might they tell? Where have they been and what might they have housed? How old are they?

Along the beach I pick up little stones, and big ones too, you know, those angular stones, gray usually, with holes and bumps, which I think are bruises from their journeys.

Kind of like us….we have holes in us, sometimes in our hearts, and bruises? Oh, for sure. Where are your bruises? I know where mine are. A stone is hard, yet water has given it a sheen, a coating, a shine on rainy days. When sun beams down upon a stone it seems to smile.

Me too. Hard. Yep, there are places that haven’t been softened yet, but I know that the “sun and water” of my life will touch and change them.

Pick up a stone. Imagine the conversation.


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