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Herb Book

For this post, I am sharing eight illustrations of herbs that have medicinal purposes. These paintings were created for a book cover. I’ve included close-ups and even some sketches. The sketches were done by one of my art assistants during a time when I was very busy with my illustration career. There is so much beauty within those drawings and they certainly made my job easier.

Dandelion Dandelion P Dandelion closeup 3Dandelion closeup 1Dandelion closeup 2Yarrow Yarrow P Yarrow closeup Wood Sorrel Wood Sorrel P Wood Sorrel closeup 2 Wood Sorrel closeup 1 Stinging Nettle Stinging Nettle PMullien Mullien P Mullien closeup Marshmallow Mullien closeup 1 Marshmallow P Marshmallow closeup 1 Hawthorn Hawthorn P Hawthorne closeup Coltsfoot Coltsfoot P Coltsfoot closeup 2 Coltsfoot closeup 1

For over thirty years, I’ve illustrated food. I have a blog where I describe my technique and have a lot more information. It is at: 


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The Window

Her world
behind the window
cracked and rotted wood
falling flakes of paint

curtain not of any colour
greyish hue
old, no longer pretty
need replacing

her world
behind the window
peering out to the garden
sliding her hand along the grimy glass

that she was once able to see through
clearly, but now cannot

how is her mind
behind the window
casting her eyes on weeds
below that need
removing for they old

no longer cared for

and she asks herself …. why don’t they come to visit anymore



Photo: A rose can say "I love you",<br /><br />
orchids can enthrall,<br /><br />
but a weed bouquet in a chubby fist,<br /><br />
yes, that says it all.<br /><br />
~Author Unknown</p><br />

Why oh why are there so many weeds?

I swear I bought only the top of the line seeds!

I went into the garden at 10:30

came out at 3:30 hurting.

I buy the best.

I leave the rest.

I pay extra for organic

now I need a body mechanic.

So how will my garden grow?

At this rate very SLOW!

Why spend the extra cash?

I planted beans and only got GRASS!

Now I too am out of GAS!

I used to love weeding.

Now all I find myself doing is pleading.

Pleading for the weeds to go.

So my seeds I bought can grow!





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