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(Weekend Challenge) Weekend Plans:Baking Chocolate Cake

I’m going to bake a choco cake

Gonna make it yummy yummy!

Chocolaty , creamy yummy 

 Choco-chocolate I can’t resist it !

I want to eat it,

Got to have a piece of Chocolate Cake!

Enjoy the cake do not eat it fast

Just like your new friendship make it last!


20 Lines Challenge: Weekend Plans – Anne

Breathe in

Breathe out

If I had one

Drink a stout

But I don’t

So I can’t

Or as the Brits say,

So I shan’t

I don’t want to,

But I will

Wash the dishes,

In sink still.

Then I’ll study

At least some

So at school I

Won’t be dumb

Must do laundry

Piling up

Have some coffee

Where’s my cup?


Weekend Plans: Yard Work Edition

Get organized. Go to sleep.

Got to get up early

to beat the summer heat.

Up at sunrise, with coffee in hand -

Have to sort out those green leafy plants.

Sometimes it can be hard

To decide the difference between

Which plants are plants,

And which ones are weeds.

Next a small trim to the tree that hovers right over

The fence to my neighbor’s backyard

 And dish-shaped channel provider.

Once it’s all done, I can reward myself with a swim.

Don’t want to wait until later,  as a monsoon might roll in.

After all that, I can then truly say

I have the whole afternoon free to enjoy Saturday.

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Rainy Weekend

heavy clouds..unrelenting rain…
bed weather and cold winds
stifle my plans for Saturday…
crossed out picnic and lunch,
shredded the thought of taking
a stroll in the nearby park…

maybe i’ll put on my rain boots
and my raincoat..or run free and
go dance silly under the rain
like my 8-year old self
some 20 years ago…


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