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(For the Weekend Challenge)

The weekend nears. Cool temperatures, warm sun
combine almost like sheets of yesteryear
hung on the line to dry. A freshness here,
anticipation of her birthday fun.

Granddaughters grow so fast. She’s in that stage
where dolls and teddies still compete with clothes,
lime green her favorite color now. She shows
her readiness for middle school, the page

about to turn. On Saturday her pool
will fill with splashing girls and boys who come
to help her celebrate. This grandma’s numb
with utter disbelief. Who made the rule

that they must leave their childhoods far behind?
I guess for that I’d have to go to church
on Sunday, ask God: How should I now search

to know the answers to such questions? How
am I to understand ships on the sea
or planes that hover in the air? To be
a seeker means, He said, is just to bow

to Me. I hold all answers in My hand.
Please, My sweet child, allow Me, let me give

you all of your desires so you can live.
The world is ordered from the small to grand.

And speaking, as He was, of grand, I said,
“My little granddaughter…” Shh, wait. I made
her, crafted her with skill like Chinese jade.
Don’t question. Watch her grow in faith instead.

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The Weekend (Timzauto’s 20 Lines Weekend Challenge)

The weekend now is lurking, just beyond this one last day

The week that’s just now ending, it has flown

Saturday and Sunday, they will come and go away

Whatever we bring to them, etched in stone.


As children I remember that the weekends were such fun

For grownups that is often still the case

Family time and shopping, or a movie or the beach

Frowns disappear, for smiles to replace


I’m thankful for my granddaughter to spend the weekends with

She makes the smiles more numerous, you know.

We both love church on Sunday, it’s the highlight of our week

To fellowship, and in the Lord to grow


And when it all is over and on Monday we wake up

It’s off to school, the first day of the year

Grace is now a fifth grader, it’s so hard to believe

Her eleventh birthday’s drawing near.


And once again the cycle of a new week will begin

We go to work and school and muddle through

Thankful, cause we know another weekend’s on its way

And life is what we make it…me and you.


The House (Weekend Challenge)

There are three days each week
at week’s end, that I am running my hands
over the still surface of a wall
or a rippling bed sheet,
standing knee deep in puddles of cotton
or holding paint chips like playing cards.
Music, my companion in the empty house,
laughs along with me, asking
ain’t that a kick in the head
while I wipe up the drops of jupiter
and find new perspective.
The walls sing the echoes
of an inside summertime campout,
storms past now and leaves in the trees
tremble, and sigh, wait for their return,
the house waiting, waiting,
becoming a home again,
vessel for our voices,
lives, happiness
to fill to overspilling.


20 Lines Challenge: Weekend Plans – Anne

Breathe in

Breathe out

If I had one

Drink a stout

But I don’t

So I can’t

Or as the Brits say,

So I shan’t

I don’t want to,

But I will

Wash the dishes,

In sink still.

Then I’ll study

At least some

So at school I

Won’t be dumb

Must do laundry

Piling up

Have some coffee

Where’s my cup?

Rainy Weekend

heavy clouds..unrelenting rain…
bed weather and cold winds
stifle my plans for Saturday…
crossed out picnic and lunch,
shredded the thought of taking
a stroll in the nearby park…

maybe i’ll put on my rain boots
and my raincoat..or run free and
go dance silly under the rain
like my 8-year old self
some 20 years ago…


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