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winter wonderland


My winter wonderland



weekly photo challenge: unexpected



Very unexpected….



Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Had this picture taken some thirty days ago, thought I could use it to represent solitary. I was assisting my supervisor standing in the front of the hall in the first lecture of the semester. Most of the course participants were still undergoing registration procedure, so only a handful turned up the first day. One of those present came along with his son (standing at the back of the class, where I was seated). Unattended, alone (without  any peer), idle but energetic, he hops from one row to another. He finally got work to do. He began folding the untaken tables. When he was done, he sat quietly apparently thinking out the next task (all by himself)


Sky’s The Limit Photo Challenge: Dust Storm

I had not planned on submitting a photo to this week’s challenge because I honestly couldn’t think of any wacky or awe-inspiring photos that I’ve taken.  After a little bit of  encouragement from Tim Z. Auto, it occurred to me that the recent photos I shared on my blog of a massive dust storm that rolled through my area was pretty awe-inspiring.

Haboob rolling through Mesa, AZ near Hohokam Stadium. July 21, 2012

Yep. That is all dirt and wind.  I had to outrun/ out-drive this thing to stay just ahead of it and get inside.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside


My representation of inside; this is inside of a lecture hall at the University of Ghana Language Centre.
We had gathered to listen to a presentation by Prof. J. Oppong from the University of North Texas (UNT). The presentation was about postgraduate opportunities in his school.
He had barley started his presentation when my colleague and I were summoned back to the office for an urgent meeting. Didn’t get to hear much other than the advice that one should contact a professor in the desired university to establish some rapport before applying. It is to obtain some assurance of supervision when finally granted the admission. It also helps your admission to be handpicked from the pool.


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