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Fish With Legs

The fish that wished

And did grow legs

Came up from the sea

To walk on land

To see the things

They never before could see.

With wobbly steps

And walking sticks

They wandered through

The streets,

Encountering a million things

They never had imagined.

With open eyes

Wide as the sky

They looked upon the earth.

Once they had their fill

They longed to return

To the sea

Too much land and air,

They wanted the cool escape

Of a watery embrace.

They reached the water’s edge

Came to only find

No longer did they know

How to live

Part of the sea

Their legs,

Could not be wished away.

Now those fish

With legs

Walk along the oceans edge

Wishing for a way

To get back what they let go

Find a way home

To the deep darkness of the sea.

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So long ago




Gone with the wind so long ago,

I still have a long way to go,
And on the road to gravity,
I will look for my liberty.


Though sometimes there are battles lost,
And though I have to pay the cost,
I will fight for some dignity,
If I can not avoid pity…


For I made my family sick,
I can’t do anything but stick
To the dearest ones in my heart
And wish we’ll never be apart.



Birthday Wish

It’s the lonely old man’s birthday.

He remembers his 10th birthday, 60 years ago, when he celebrated it with friends, parents, and boxes of water guns.

He remembers his 30th birthday, 40 years ago, when he celebrated it with partners, mistresses and wads of cash.

He remembers his 50th birthday, 20 years ago, when he celebrated it with children, grandchildren and bottles of champagne.

Today he celebrates his 70th birthday with a wooden table, a wooden chair, and four empty walls.

His mind is of anticipation. A wooden box, a wooden dais, a small white floral wreath.



c Sorrows in a Serenade


A Wish

I couldn’t wish for one more single thing.
O, maybe riches, fame, more stars at night.
No, I am satisfied as any king.

You ask me: What, my friend, may I now bring
to you
that makes your happiness take flight?
I couldn’t wish for one more single thing.

How I appreciate, but do not cling
to world’s accumulations. They are slight
compared to satisfactions of a king.

What I might wish is not a vase of Ming
or gold coins in the bank. I am made bright
in knowing I don’t wish for one more thing.

When my days near their end, please come and sing
a song of children, pines, and love. My sight
will close on satisfactions of a king

and I’ll sigh breaths inaudible. The string
unwinds as it might on a child’s new kite.
I couldn’t wish for one more single thing.
Throughout my life all glories crowned me king.


Wish –

I wish I could sing you the songs of the seasons.
The flaming warm summer, the lively spring.
The coppery transformation of autumn, the silver cool of winter.

I wish I could tell you stories of life and death
The birth of a winged dream,
The sorrows in a serenade.

I wish I can lie beside you.

I wish I could paint you a picture of a morning walk
In the forest where oak trees guard
By the river where the weeping willows bow

I wish I could capture the rays of the sun
A gift threading our memories
An effervescence forever.

I wish I can lie beside you.

I wish I could hum the flowing notes of a nightingale
A lullaby to accompany your dreams
A serenade that melts your heart

I wish I could collect the first drops of dew
To celebrate a fresh. Beginning.
To. Be bound to you. Forever.

I wish upon the stars, upon the bright moon,
I wish upon the fiery sun, upon the light breeze,
I wish upon the rainbow, upon the fluffy clouds,
I wish upon the awakening of buds and the rain showers

I wish I can lie beside you.
Your warmth by mine,
not buried ten feet underground.

that’s the place where dreams die.
Where souls rest.

That’s the place where I want to go.

I plunge a knife a feet into my heart.
I plunge my soul ten feet underground,

I wish I can lie beside you.
I can.





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