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Three years ago, I lost my mom.

She had been fading for years, but we still talked,

we laughed and loved.


It seems like since then loss and loneliness

have been so much of my life.

I feel like I am drowning.


After loosing my child, hope, faith,

and that special closeness with my family,

I feel I will never capture the joy in life again.


I can only beg you, young people,

to take that joy, when you find it,

and treat it as thought it was glass, because it is.

Saturday November 30

Day filled with remembering
My silence lingers still
Reminiscing all around me
I cannot get my fill

Listening is uncharted waters
My shallowness getting thin
Progress in my own thinking
Today’s a sure win

Family is inclusive
Escaping me in past
Feelings of being stable
In hopes that they will last



20 Lines a Day..Thanksgiving Photo Challenge


I am thankful for the new day…timzauto

Happy Thanksgiving to all…

Thanksgiving day is filled with family and friends , I know we are also busy with events , football, eating ..lol and socializing …I would like to challenge you all to just one picture that describes what you are thankful for….so thruout today just snap one picture and post , maybe we all can see the different ways everyone is thankful for….tag your posts with TGphotochallenge so we can check your pics and enjoy your way of being thankful…Thanks for posting and lets get snapping those photos

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The Feeling of Home


Home is the place where I walk in the door, recognize the fragrances, smiles at the messes, savor the peace and feeling of security. When my family is with me, What I miss most about home, is simply home, itself.

Of course, coming home alone is a different story. The joy of beloved faces, sloppy kisses from kids and pets, and the “ahh” of taking off the uncomfortable shoes or clothes you’ve endured while you were away, all of these give home that all important feeling of belonging.

What strikes me most about my feelings for ‘home’ is thinking of the homeless. Thinking of not having that place to rest, not being able to go to the kitchen, open the curtains and fix some chai tea. Not flopping down in your favorite recliner, or taking a hot bath. I honestly believe that the best thing about home is simply HAVING ONE.


right2write prompt 5 : Broken Red

I’m here again

looking over the same

wanting to renew myself

trying to hide my shame

with tears getting impoverished

I flash into a dream

everything looks so blurry

then I hear a scream

I focus on a detail

before it fades away

a man appears before me

and all he had to say

this broken red you noticed

doesn’t mean its imperfection

really what your seeing

a lucid dreams refection






Life After Death

She never quite had what others got so easily, it seems. She worked twice as hard and got half as much. Still, every summer she would find a way for a seed or two to curl their heads into the sun, sprout fuzzy, perhaps a bit prickly leaves that soon became a bud.One day, the bud would begin to open, showing its crimson soul. For a few days it would magnify itself, command comments on it’s beauty, then it would begin its trip home.

 Fall would come, she would hake her brown fluted bowl of seeds in the wind and finally succumb to winders cold and wind, break open and spread her seeds. And then spring would come again, and season after season, she would struggle to produce those lovely, fleeting blossoms.

 One year, someone mowed down her beautiful blossom, but she fought on for many years. Sun, rain, wind, cold, her strength lie somewhere inside that tiny seed. One autumn, it seemed no pod had formed,

No one noticed the one hidden in the soil. The poppy no longer bloomed in the place it had always been, But in the spring, a child scratched out a tiny patch around a new plant by her sandbox. She lined it with stones from the creek and soon, a beautiful red flower appeared.

 “What is this, mommy?” she asked one day.

“Oh, my! A poppy!” mommy gasped. “My Aunt Carol used to grow them! Be sure and save the seed pod.”

And she did.

In loving memory of Carol Johnson, November 5, 1948-August 1, 2013


Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Originally posted on Grandmother Musings:

I just love the Weekly Photo Challenge from The Daily Post @ WordPress.com.  I look forward to the new challenge when it is posted on Friday.  This week the challenge is GREEN!  My interpretation comes from a trip I shared with my husband to Niagara Falls.  The breathtaking views of the falls from Niagara Falls State Park where we enjoyed the American and Bride Veil Falls on the Cave of the Winds were exhilarating.  In a place where one would think to see only blue, I found a rainbow of color, especially green.  The park offers lush green pathways and a green trolley to take you from one end of the 400 acres to the other.  It is a place everyone should visit at least once.

“New to The Daily Post? Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you’re invited to get involved in our Weekly Photo Challenge to help you…

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WordPress, Google, and Content Tagging — A User Guide | Melissa I. Hassard

Some of  you asked me to write this one and I thought I’d share from my blog at melissahassard.com.  I hope you find it useful and would love your comments and feedback!


Many have expressed interest in learning more about using WordPress Categories and Tags, and the difference between the two.

First, let’s take a look at the definitions as they are explained in WordPress’ own documentation:

Categories provide a helpful way to group related posts together, and to quickly tell readers what a post is about. Categories also make it easier for people to find your content. Categories are similar to, but broader than, tags. For more information on the differences between categories and tags please check out this support doc.

Tags provide a useful way to group related posts together and to quickly tell readers what a post is about. Tags also make it easier for people to find your content. Tags are similar to, but more specific than, categories. The use of tags is completely optional.

If you read the WordPress documentation on using categories and tags, you’ll notice that in both definitions you’ll find the following: “also make it easier for people to find your content” and “tell readers what your post is about.”

The same verbiage written into both definitions.  Confusing.  So what’s the deal?

Categories are a useful way we organize our sites for ourselves and our readers. Think in broad terms like navigation.

Tags are essentially the keywords in your article or post. Keywords means the most important topics you are covering. Perhaps a nuanced detail that often gets overlooked but is important. Basically, it is a handful of words that are significant or relevant to what you are trying to say.

Search engines like Google are constantly improving their algorithms (the formulaic way they send their spiders to analyze and catalog every site) to ignore and demote blatant attempts to overshadow other sites by using false tags, unrelated links, and other sketchy means. As a result, tagging your blog and tagging it correctly is essential.

Further in the description of tags, WordPress says this:

[read more here: via WordPress, Google, and Content Tagging — A User Guide | Melissa I. Hassard.]


Poll! Are you interested in learning more about WordPress tags and categories?



I have a tech question and hope someone can help me. I’ve been all over the internet trying to figure it out without luck. The problem is that the “Follow this Blog” widget on the sidebar is not up to date with the number of followers I have.

I know for certain that yesterday I got a new follower on my “Chronicles of a Writer” blog. Before she joined, the number of followers was 86. Now it should be 87, but guess what? It remains at 86.

I also suspect that it hasn’t moved and there could be other new followers on both this blog and on “Brainstorms.”

I checked the “Follow this Blog” widget to make sure I still had the counter checked. It was.

So I’m stuck. Can you help me?



… to Maggie Mendus and Anne Sikes,
now Co-Editors for 20 Lines!

Maggie and Anne, as two voices of constant support, dedication to craft, and encouragement here within our community, I appreciate your willingness to step into this new role as a consistent voice of assistance, welcome and encouragement.

This community is such a rich place of personality, craft, and talent.  I absolutely love looking in and finding the many interesting and diverse pieces that become a beautiful montage.

I am working behind the scenes to both write and pull together a few more elements and resources for us.  I have plans.  Oh, yes, I have plans.  

New contributors have joined and are joining us soon.  Watch for them if you haven’t spotted them already!

And NEW!  The 20 Lines Calendar 
Coming soon will be writing and photography contest deadlines along with links to the supporting websites for more information.  My goal is that we can channel what we are doing into many opportunities for those who seek them.  Take a look and forward contests to me as you find them!

Much more fun ahead.  Many challenges and opportunities to flex your creative muscle.  And as always, if you have ideas or thoughts and would like to share them with me, my door is always open.  Mi casa es su casa.

Cheers!  And Happy Everything.



Slow Day

Stats van www.samoera.com






I’ve checked my stats,

it’s so slow today.

What’s going on?

No one’s reading poetry.


I’ve checked the counter,

and gave it a tap.

I think it is broken -

well… this is crap!


I’ve writ my heart out!

(at least I’ve tried…)

What’s going on?

Have my followers died?


I’m clicking refresh,

and I’ve broken F5!

Still no views -

anyone alive?


I’ll keep a check.

C’mon orange square-

please flash up…

show that someone cares!


© Slow Day 2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Stats van http://www.samoera.com (Photo credit: Peter Forret)

Our Community Family Keeps Growing

… and I would like to welcome all of you, new and founding contributors and followers.

What a beautiful tapestry we create of art, photography and language.

If you haven’t yet, send me a bio to include on the Contributors’ page –


I appreciate each of you and am always blown away when I put the outside world aside and come here.
Thank you for being a part of this amazing project and family.


Happy writing.  Happy photography.  Happy everything.



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