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A Small Dream

I haven’t written anything substantial for so long.. seems to me as if the worm that used to make me write is now dead; still I am trying feebly to write something, even if it is bizarre.

A small dream

of doing something,


just to get off bed,

have a nice bathe,

wear some decent clothes

and set out to see the world-

its a small dream

I dream of everyday

staying, sulking on the bed.


The Blitz Poem

Beautiful sky

Beautiful love

Love so fair

Love so sly

Sly is who I am

Sly is the world

World so dreary

World is a dream

Dream in the night

Dream of the day

Day quite warm

Day with a charm

Charm act outward

Charm so fake

Fake is who I am

Fake is this world

World freedom

World enlightens

Enlightens the path

Enlightens my soul

Soul concept of life

Soul concept of death

Death for me and you

Death so inevitable

Inevitable circumstance

Inevitable depression

Depression kills

Depression controls mind

Mind your own business

Mind so lame

Lame is who I am

Lame is the world

World so sultry

World where I live

Live in the shadow

Live in the oblivion

Oblivion choices

Oblivion sky

Sky so high

Sky so blue

Blue waters

Blue cheese

Cheese of cow

Cheese I love

Love is who I am

Love is the world

World is yours

World is mine



Well, I hope you are not angry for reading this poem(yes it is a poem) which is full of meaningless phrases and words.

But I loved writing it and I hope you are also going to love it.

Blitz is a 50-line poem, completely made up of small phrases. Rules-

1. Line 1 should be one short phrase or image.

2. Line 2 should be one short phrase or image, using the same first word as the first words of Line 1.

3. Line 3 should include the phrase, using the last word of Line 2.

4. Line 4 should include the phrase, using the last word of Line 2.

5. Line 5 should include the phrase, using the last word of Line 4.

6. Line 6 should include the phrase, using the last word of Line 4.

7. Line 7 should include the phrase, using the last word of Line 6.

8. Line 8 should include the phrase, using the last word of Line 6.

9. Keep on repeating the routine till Line 48.

10. Line 49 is the last word(only) of Line 48.

11. Line 50 is the last word(only) of Line 47.

If you have any questions, do ask them. And try it- I know it is a little time consuming and a little confusing as well, but it is quite entertaining when we write it.


A Letter to Laura

Dear Laura

I know you’re anxious to be off into the world after such a cloistered existence but going over the wall is not the answer.

In so many ways you’re an adult beyond your years and in many others, much younger than 16, so the outside world is going to eat you up, just like that big, bad wolf.

The tattered remains of your childhood may not be much of a comfort blanket but that does not mean you need to panic. Besides, it doesn’t matter whether you’re running towards or away, the terrors will always pursue you.

Better to stride out having planned your journey, more than one step at a time. Even better, seek fellow travellers instead of being so self-reliant and then falling by the wayside where only passing vagrants can help you along.

You’ll need much more sustenance before you set out – why don’t you sleep on it?

With love now and always


p.s. Did anyone ever tell you just how precious you are?


Somewhere in the world today – it is warm,

enough to need no coat or hat or boots.

Somewhere in the world – it is not raining

and somewhere in the world there is no storm.

Somewhere in the world – a plant makes new roots

and stretches – each day new height it’s gaining.

Somewhere in the world – hungry children crying

and somewhere else a fat man is complaining.

Somewhere in the world a wind is blowing

enough to bleed the precious crops away

Somewhere in the world a flood is flowing

and underneath the mud the crops are lying.

We all stretch out our hands for something more

But nowhere in the world is Shangri La.



The Collective Sigh

The collective sigh of the viewers

viewing the prodigy becoming genius

by understanding that this life is a game-

You have to play it if you want to win it.

The collective sigh of the gatherers

gathered to discuss about the world as such

by knowing that this world is a gaming arena

You have to stay in it if you want to have it your way.

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The Small Petite Woman

A small petite woman walking in the darkness,

Passing by the lights of the city which she considers a mess.

She has left it all behind- the power, the glory,

She is tired of framing her own life’s story.

Frustrated with her acts that she so dubiously played,

She now walks alone, her hair no longer tied in a braid.

Losing the sense of this world, she wants to be who she really is,

She has said goodbye to her past with a gentle kiss.

She is just starting to accept her real self with no pain,

She is walking in the darkness with no strain.


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