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I hide within a quilt…

I hide within a quilt

gazing at the ceiling

pondering over things

and finally, getting tortured

by my conflicting thoughts-

the night goes on

and I  succumb to sleep

with no dreams.


New Writing Prompt:- Listen, Pick and Write!

New writing prompt-

1. Listen to your favorite song.

2. Pick a phrase or two, a line or many lines, from the song.

3. Write a poem including those phrases/lines.

Here is mine-

Song:- Way back into love by Sabrina from the movie Music and Lyrics

Phrase/Line:- I know it is out there, there is gotta be something for my soul somewhere…

Something out there…

I find myself wandering around

with no aim or goal in mind,

with the knowledge that

there is something out there,

there is gotta be something

for my soul somewhere,

that would bring me

the faith I so desire,

that would set it alright.

I find myself hoping

that it is out there

for my soul somewhere.


An Ode to NaNoWrimo

I haven’t been very present here these days as autumn has proven to be quite a hectic this year.  Don’t know that the next few weeks will be any better as I decided to partake in National Novel Writing Month, but I decided to stop by and leave the following poem.

I’m a writer, or so I say.

But I haven’t had very much published to date,

Outside of that which I blog to create

Coherent re-tellings of true life mistakes.

But lately I’ve heard,

From other denizens of Word-

Press say they’re all signed up for NaNoWrimo.

50,000 words in just 30 days.

Just thinking about it puts me in a malaise.

“Oh you just have to join” the WP denizens say.

“And you can add me as a buddy”, well shoot I should say okay.

Reluctant yet curious, I clicked on right over,

To sign myself up for this daunting endeavor.

And now there is just one week to go,

Before I must show

That I can write more than 1,600 words a day.

Right now when I log in,

My profile page looks empty as sin.

The  word count meter is currently set to zero.

Which doesn’t make me look like a literary hero.

But somehow, I know I can do it.

If any of you are signed up for NaNoWrimo, do feel free to add me as a buddy.  I’m using my WP username, NMNPHX, over on the NaNoWrimo site as well.  


Writing Rondeau

The dark red blood glistens in the night

The dark red blood glistens in the night

Narrating the story of British Raj’s might

How a kind boy was killed at first glance

where now his lover is forced to dance

Who will, against this injustice, fight?


This deed of the Raj can never be right

the story behind which I now write

That kid was of no proper civil stance

Now his dark red blood glistens in the night.


What was about him, that the Raj fright

Was it his, against the oppression, fight?

He was not even given a last glance

Drowned in the black river at first chance

Now his lover dances at the same site

Where his dark red blood glistens in the night.

The story, I am narrating, through this poem- is loosely based on a Hindi prose- “एहिं थैया झुलनी हैरानी हो रामा…” by Shivprasad Mishra “Rudra”.

Poetic style- Rondeau

A french form of poetry consisting of 3 stanzas, 13 original lines and 2 refrains of the I line of the poem.


1. 8-10 syllables per line.

2. Structure with rhyme scheme-


















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I simply can’t write… (5-line stanzas)


comes a 

time every day

when I strive to

write but I simply can’t.


just doesn’t

seem right that

my mind goes blank

and I simply can’t write.


I know

it occurs when

I feel a sudden

revulsion towards everything in life.


also when

I am anxious

and I try to

comprehend with my numb thoughts.


still this

must be the

time when I am

able to express myself fully.


that is

not the case

with me because I

just simply can not write.


Book Spine Poetry

I came across an interesting method of forming poems, Book Spine Poetry, from The Tripping Pencil (who credits a site called Brain Pickings for the idea).  You take a few books from your collection and arrange the titles to form a poem.

I modified mine slightly to allow one extraneous word at the beginning of each line.  You are encouraged to snap a photo of your stack of books comprising the poem if you choose, though I decided to forgo a photo.

Here is my first effort at Book Spine Poetry:

Underneath The Glass Castle,

Lies Angela’s Ashes.

Somewhere East of Eden,

Residents of The Town and The City

Collect Flowers for Algernon.


New Writing Challenge


Here forth, I bring a new writing challenge. It is a very simple, yet a difficult challenge. There are certain steps you need to follow for this challenge. Well, I am writing the whole procedure step by step- so please read a particular step and then complete it before going on for reading the next step. I can’t force you to accept it but I must tell- it is great fun.

Step I- Take out your favorite book. Bring it up to your laptop/PC.

Step II- Open a random page of the book, any page.

Step III- Give a quick glance over the page and read loudly the first phrase/word/line you catch.

Step IV- Repeat that particular phrase/word/line in your mind. Think about it deeply.

Step V- Write a poem or any other writing piece. The title for the poem or the theme of your poem/writing piece is going to be that particular phrase/word/line.

I hope you will have fun participating in this challenge. I did follow the same steps while writing one of my posts here on 20 lines- The Lone Walker.


HA :-)


Hello- A New Challenge…


Here forth, I bring to you a writing challenge in which you have to write a poem on any theme with any type of verse or any poetic style. What I mean is you just have to write what comes from within your heart. The only thing you have to do is involve a simple plain line but this line which still leaves me shivering when I think about it, just a simple plain line- that is what you have to include in your poem. And that is actually taken from a very beautiful poem- yes, of course you know about it. The poem is- Ode to a Nightingale by John Keats and the line/phrase I have had talked about earlier is- “Thou was not born for death, immortal Bird!”.

Have fun! Don’t forget to add the links to your poems in your comments or you can even include your poems within your comments.

Sorry but I haven’t got any badge or token of honor to give.. there would be no voting as such. This is just for fun and not necessarily a “real challenge” type of challenge with a “clear winner”.

Tada! :-)


Just … wow. Thirty.

–30– has been traditionally used by journalists to indicate the end of a story. There are many theories about how the usage came into being,[1]e.g. from that number’s use in the 92 Code of telegraphic shorthand to signify the end of a transmission in the American Civil War era.[2] In another theory, the “-30-” originated when stories were written in longhand; X marked the end of a sentence, XX the end of a paragraph, and XXX meant the end of a story. The Roman numerals XXX translate to 30.

Source:  Wikipedia


But for us, 30 means something else.

Thirty is a milestone.

Thirty contributors on our roster.


Three Oh.

I am sitting here with Macbook on lap, a little stunned and a lot of thrilled.

I think we are creating an amazing body of work along with a wonderful community.

Let’s see what happens next.

Go.  Write.  Photograph.

And share your story with us, in 20 Lines a Day or less.  One just one photograph.

Craft your art among us.


Challenge… No, just write! :)

All the writers over here at 20 lines as well as elsewhere on wordpress, here is a poetry challenge in which you have to write a humorous poem regarding your most favourite possession which has become an intricate part of your life and it is very difficult for you to imagine spending days without it.

Here is my poem-

Oh thee, my hair band,

The one that can be worn by men and alone men.

Thy existence makes my day,

Marks the wave you provide to my hay like hair,

Oh thee, my hair band,

I love thee, my hair band.

That is plain ridiculous, I know. But I want to read what you all beautiful bloggers come up with in this cheesy sort of challenge.

The Red Carpet of My Mind


Reblogged from Everyone Has a Story…

Originally posted on Everyone Has A Story...:

It occurs to me that making friends on the internet is kind of an odd exercise when it comes to me. I spend a lot of time watching people…how they speak, what they say, body language, tone inflection, etc. Last night, I spent a good amount of time talking with Sara, and we talked for hours about subjects I’ve almost never discussed with anyone in my entire life, except maybe with Audra.

When I first set up my blog, it never occurred to me to not put my picture on my gravatar or in the About Me section…But some of my new friends on the internet chose to keep their physical appearance a secret. In fact, most of my Blogosphere friends who opted for anonymity have been assigned a “look” in my head based on some pretty goofy criteria.

For instance, Sara looks like Katherine Heigl to me in my…

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To Write 20 Lines

I come here first each morning well before
I go to my two blogs. With twenty lines
the goal I know I often don’t write more
than twelve, sixteen. I try to find the mines

that yield word gold. I ply my muse and ask
her: Settle, please, assist me as I write.
Please be the pilot of my craft. Your task?
To steer original expression’s flight.


I say “Hello”!

It seems to me as if the day when I started blogging is back again. I am feeling the same anxiety, the same excitement that I had felt that first day when I came across this bloggers’ site.

I’m already having a good time typing for the first time in my life with a sincere buzz strolling in my mind; but still it feels good.

As per the introduction stuff, I’m a being who loves to write and considers writing the best way to express one’s deepest thoughts, one’s feelings regarding anything and everything. Writing is something very sacred to me. Hence, i don’t believe in thinking before writing. Whatsoever comes to my mind from within my core, I just let it flow and I type or write without giving a second thought to it. And that is it!

A new day

A new thought

A new way

To share

To love

To write

This is what I wanted

This is what I have gained

I feel delighted

Oh yes I feel good

The colorless colors

Fly in front of my eyes

Giving me that hazy vision

Providing me with that joyous pleasure

I feel good

Oh yes I feel delighted…

Looking forward to do what I ought to do; but about which I haven’t planned anything about, isn’t that the most beautiful part!?


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