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Me and You

You look at me

As if I’m the only one,

I get lost in your eyes.

Falling head first

Right into you.

So warm, so easy

To be with you

Well worth the wait.

When I’m not with you

Fears of inadequacy arise

Doubts cloud my mind

Then you take my hand

Melting everything else away.

Leaving just me and you,

That’s right where I want to be.

Trying Rispetto

Sitting within the deep waters of the sea,

I can see you degrading, getting caught in

time, understanding which ain’t my cup of tea,

I know you want to get rid of your past sin.

You wait for someone to come, pay no pity

but that being must treat you with that dignity-

respect you long for, I know you do want bliss,

Oh the mighty city of the Atlantis.



1. Poem is comprised of 8 eleven-syllable lines, usually one stanza.

2. General rhyme scheme- ababccdd

Note to Self- Writing Prompt

Dear me at the age of 30-

I hope you survived this long

despite of the ravaging storm,

if you are still going through

the same situation as me

try hard to get rid of it

because there is more to life

but this numbness

you must have embraced so

comfortably by now,

if you have got rid of it

never forget your experience

embrace your new life

and take those steps

you have earlier been 

too afraid to take.

whether you are still dealing

with it or not,

try and help others-

listen to them, let them speak,

never be judgemental

for I know how it feels

and you too, I know.

Sincerely, the being that is you

at a younger age of 17.

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I Feel Like A Wise Old Man

Hello all,

Welcome our so many new contributors, whom I haven’t yet welcomed in a proper way. So, Welcome aboard- beebeesworld, sugarcoatedangel, aglassofjen, onleilove, Mike Turvey, Joseph Budu.

Its so pleasant to experience such active contributions here on 20 lines which are more than ever before. Thanks to all the wonderful authors here on 20 lines.

Well, I still was feeling quite raw here in this community but with the coming up of more contributors, now I feel like a wise old man. Wicked! Ha! (I was the 10th one to join and now there are 29 of us). Wonderful!

I would love to know all of you so very much through your posts which provide a vivid glimpse of all you wonderful personalities. But still, I have a lot to deal with nowadays in this journey called life- it would take quite a little time for me to be very active once again here.

I hope that there would be even many more contributors to know, to enjoy with and be a writing companion with when I’m fully back. Amen!


Today I wanted to talk to you

You, the being I can’t found

I tried searching for any trail

That will take me to you

I put pressure on my mind

I plead my heart

To tell me who are you

And where I will find you

I even resorted to my mobile phone

Looking through the phone book

Just to know you

The you that I can talk to

I wanted to talk to you

I wanted to tell you how I feel

I couldn’t find you

In the list of people I know

Which was shown to me

By my mind, heart and mobile phone

For you don’t exist

You- the being who would have been there for me.


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