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We are authors, poets, photographers, writers.  Thank you for reading us.  Get to know us, our collective identities and personal blogs.  We hope that within our words recognition sparks, and you realize that you are not alone.

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“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” 
― Maya Angelou

Melissa I. Hassard, Yours Truly-in-Chief

Founded this project in the fall of 2011 as a personal challenge to write daily.  Little did I know that there were others who would like a nurturing environment to write daily and cultivate their talents.


Maggie Mendus, Co-Editor

Ah, Maggie.  A genuine soul and voice of compassion, told in masterful meter and rhyme.  Her wonderful blogs are http://maggiemendus.wordpress.com (Brainstorms: How Epilepsy and Writing Connect) and http://mmendus.wordpress.com (Chronicles of a Writer) and in all of her work she shares herself, her struggles, her joys, her loves, and constantly reaches out to you, her reader.

Anne Sikes, Co-Editor

Anne is mother and grandmother, lover of Jesus Christ, family, music, poetry, photography and art, and of people, and that is all evident in her lovely poetry.  Her abstracts are amazing.  Find her blog at http://mylifeuncutalmost.wordpress.com/

Tim Doiron, Co-Editor

Tim’s an incredible writer who is always experimenting with form and trying new things … and he is always quick to lend a hand or inspire a fun challenge.  His writing and photography is often tender, funny, and poignant, and he continues to grow as a writer.  He has an extraordinary story to share.  Don’t miss his home blog is Timzauto, http://www.timzauto.wordpress.com


Currently D. is working on some exciting projects in the outside world.  But his photography (and writing!) is extraordinary and we hope to see him back whenever he can.   If you spot his work, you’re in for a treat.  Mi casa es su casa, D.  Love, M.

KJP Garcia

Keny is a phenomenal poet and writer who joined us early in the project, and while he’s on to other projects, we’ve kept a door-is-always-open policy with him and every once in a while, he thrills us with a guest appearance.

A Rambling Poet, Lori

Our very own rambling poet is also a rambling photographer and her serial work is not to be missed.  She travels the globe and her photographs are sometimes urban, sometimes rural, sometimes artistic and flat-out extraordinary.  When she is around, don’t miss her!  We love and miss you, Lori!

Bill Hall (that’s Mr. Whidbey to you!)

Our Mister Whidbey’s photography is remarkable, blending a fabulous eye with editing techniques that render one-of-a-kind artwork.  Watch for him!  Beg him to write, too.  If you’ve ever read Bill’s writing, you know just how fantastic he is.  Check him out at http://www.misterwhidbey.com

G. Gordon Hall

G. is a wonderful writer of such depth and description that she is a pleasure to read.  While her life has picked up its pace, we hope she’ll come back and write again soon.  Her own blog is http://beyondmarchingsongs.wordpress.com/

chaitanya sravanthi

Chaitanya is a poet (and musician) of delicate sensibilities.  She combines lyricism and beautiful imagery in her poems and reading her is a true pleasure.  We’re so glad she found us! http://chaitanyasravanthi.wordpress.com/

Bird Martin

Bird is just wonderful.  A devoted Christian, she tells her story with breathtaking honesty softened with humor.  Find out why we love her so at Everyone Has A Story,  at http://www.birdmartin.wordpress.com

How Anxious

If you haven’t read howanxious’ work, you haven’t been paying attention.  “Howie” (as I affectionately call him and he generously lets me), or HA as he calls himself, tells his story with love and pain and evocative metaphor, and an enthusiasm for life despite the darkness possible.  His home blog is http://howanxious.wordpress.com/ and I’m excited to report he has just announced a new blog, Conversational Poetry, at http://comeonletsbepoetic.wordpress.com/

Kathe (teadh)

Kathe is an accomplished teacher,  winning the 2010 Jewish Educator of the Year before retiring last year.  She will be writing prose with us when her schedule allows, but she stays very busy in her community.  Kathe, we look forward to your contributions!

Eunice Miller, nutsfortreasure

Eunice has an amazing story of survival, and not only is she surviving but she thrives in so many ways.  Writer, photographer,  jeweler, she is defining her life in her own terms, and they are worth following:  http://www.nutsfortreasure.wordpress.com

Alex | Worldly Winds

Alexandra (Alex to us) started writing poetry many years ago, keeping her ramblings in random journals, scribbled in the backs of diaries and penned on old, opened envelopes!  We’re so glad her delightful poetry has found its way here.  Her blog is http://www.worldlywinds.com

Jeanette Shihadeh | The Painter’s Palate  

Hello fellow poets, artists, and photgraphers. I am an artist who one day, literally after many years of journaling, spontaneously started to write poetic verse. To my surprise and delight I stumbled upon this wonderful form of self expression and fell in love with it. I am fascinated by the visual similarities that poetry has with painting. Never thought I cared much about words until they found me. Now I blog about the things I crave, food. art, and poetry.

Zach Brokaw,  Didactic | for | Hire

Zach has a unique writing style and brings a lot of provocative energy with him.  He is also started an exciting new collaborative writing project at http://chroniclesofaphilomath.wordpress.com/


“My first story was around the age of ten or eleven. In it, Snow White took a hearty bite of the poision apple and choked so badly that the darves had to thump extra hard on her back. Actually, my first idea had been for one of the dwarves to perform abdominal thrusts on Snow White but then I remembered that he wasn’t tall enough. Anyway, the princess gamely spat out the unruly piece of bad apple, much to the displeasure of the stepqueen who had been spying on her through the magic mirror. The evil stepqueen was already half mad with anger so when the mirror (who is notorious for bad timing) put in a most inappropriate remark about how she was still number two, she promptly fell dead. The end.”

Tia | Willow Dreams

Tia is a quiet and creative poet, sensitive and articulate.  She paints beautiful images in her delicate poetry, and moves through 20 Lines like a quiet ephemeral.



Joelly Cameron |The Laundry Maid

The Laundry Maid currently resides in Newton, Iowa and  is working on finishing her bachelor’ s degree in Secondary Education, to become a middle school English Language Arts teacher.  She has always had a love for writing, and strongly believes that writing is one of the best ways to cope, learn about who you are as a person, and continue to grow. This is why she is looking to teach at the middle school level, to be able to help lead future students during one of the most challenging times in their lives. Writing influences include Marc Dickinson, Marisa Silver, Ron Carlson, J.D. Salinger, John Updike, Benjamin Percy.

Lindy Lee

Lindy has been a resident of this community for a long while, an avid reader and commenter, and has finally accepted the invitation to come and write with us.  Check out her blog at http://www.poeticlicensee.wordpress.com and watch this space for her imaginative writings!  She will brighten your day like she brightens mine, I have no doubt.

Brenda Lewis, beebeesworld

“Beebee is my ‘grandma’ name. I raised six children and expecting grandchild #5. I have loved reading and writing since I was a child. I helped my dad compile four books on his life experiences back in the early 1990′s.  I have had small articles printed in “Amateur Entomology Journal”. I write on a variety of subjects from editorials/opinions, current events, poetry and prose, life experiences, and nature studies of all types.  I study insects, spiders, just about any creature. I love wildlife photography and photographing children. There have been triumphs and tragedies in my life which I often include in my writing.  I am enjoying thee writing challenges and prompts that I have discovered throughwordpress.com. I welcome any comments, corrections, or criticisms.”   — Brenda



Oneilove Alston, M. Div., MSW

Onleilove is a community organizer, writer and speaker living in NYC. Her writing has been featured in Sojourners Magazine, The Black Commentator and Consp!re Magazine among other print and online publications. She blogs for Your Black World and at her personal blog Wholeness4Love  where she focuses on spirituality, justice, art, healing and her love of thrifting.

Mike Turvey

Mike retired in June 2012 after 40 years of being an educator, both as a high school principal and an English teacher in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas.  His home blog is    http://thepursuitofmanliness.wordpress.com.  Find his amazing poem below in the comments to this page.

Joseph Budu

Joey, as a friend Selina calls him, is a novice blogger. He blogs to blend his love for computers with this obsession for language. Professionally, he would like to be a professor in information systems with ground-breaking theories which would have a positive impact on developing country contexts. Read him here:   http://buduson.wordpress.com 


Talented and devoted poet – you can find her blog at http://poetrymyvoice.wordpress.com

Gary, SwittersB

Gary was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He is a father, a husband and avid fly fisher. He also enjoys photography and some writing. His eye, although not schooled, sees things and sometimes those shots produce satisfying results. “I believe my camera is perhaps my catharsis, my ability to show beauty, contrast and peace. I am truly blessed and know it.”  His amazing blogs are found here:  SwittersB & Fly Fishing and Hoarding Woes & You.

Harry Mullan

Harry says he cannot write, but I do not believe him!  Poet and writer from Belfast, he’s off looking to hire someone to write this bio for him, when I bet he holds all the secrets himself about how poetry found him.  Let’s watch and see.  Find him at http://dribblingpensioner.wordpress.com

Nizy (nackynice)

Nizy describes herself this way:  A God-fearing WOMAN! Known as Nizy, Nak-Nak, Nacky, and Nice. A person who is positive about every aspect of life. There are many things she likes to do, to see, and to experience.  Her blog is at  http://nackynice.wordpress.com

Melanie Stone

Melanie, 18 years old and a student from Australia, loves both reading and writing poetry and letting her emotions flow freely.  She is sweet and passionate, and started blogging as a way of publishing her work and having a voice out there in the wide open.  She came to 20 Lines as a way to help her continue writing and finding inspiration to write despite her busy schedule.  You will love getting to know her, as I have.  Her blog is http://www.sorrowsinaserenade.wordpress.com.

Jaqueline Venable (jjoyv)

“A 50’s baby raised in California who now calls Texas home. Camping, overthinking life, my daughter and grandson, and apparently blogging, keep me busy. I walk the “red road” as best as I can. Hope you enjoy LifeTextures. Stop by often and drop a line.”

Lauren Indrieri (Lostsul)

“I am Lauren and I am not Bi-Polar. I have bi-polar disorder. Many of my poems, songs, and stories stem from the extremes of mood I experience due to my mental illness. Many of my poems, songs, and stories are also a call to the non-mentally ill populace for empathy and understanding. I do not need sympathy, or to be felt sorry for. There are many blessings in my life, including a precocious 5 year old boy, a loving husband, and a creative flair I wouldn’t give up for the world. I am not my illness, I am me.”

Find Lauren’s blog here: http://lostsul.wordpress.com

Jamie Nowinski (bigsmileu1)

Jamie is a very active contributor and here’s what she says: “I am a grandmother, wife, mother, and teacher who grabs the everyday events and incorporates them into prose, articles, and musings.  Taking up the writing challenge has broadened my mind and set me on a course of inner discovery.  Thank you for following along with me.”  Follow along with her home blog too for more fun:  http://grandmothermusings.com

Nicole, or NMNPHX

“I’ve always been an avid reader and was a prolific writer of short stories, poetry and book reviews when I was young.  Once I entered college, my focus shifted but I was able to work as a researcher and it gave me an outlet to tell stories in a different way.  However, life after college has been a journey for me, and I re-discovered the satisfaction of reading and writing for fun.  I took up blogging as a way to experiment with writing in different forms.”  Visit her blog at http://nmnphx.wordpress.com  

Pat Wood

“I have criminal tendencies in print. I write therefore I am. Usually in the mornings, usually in a cupboard, a nice boring cupboard where the computer lives and where in theory I have no distractions. That is the theory. My short stories have been published in national magazines, but my aim is to be published as a novelist. Also I’d like to be a more adventurous artist (the day job: I make felt hats and scarves), stylishly minimalist and thin.”  Pat’s home blogs are http://patwoodblogging.wordpress.com and http://cleandeath.wordpress.com.  On  Twitter as: @patwood15

Blue Petal

About Blue:  “When I wake up in the morning the first thing on my mind is, another story. I spend a lot of time watching stories unfold, and reinventing the scenes. It’s funny, most of the time I talk to myself about stupid stuff, yet i know it really is not stupid, and I wish I was not too lazy to write down how I feel, perhaps I would have already published many things. I am working on a memoir at the moment. But most importantly I am glad to be a part of this family of 20 Lines or Less. :) “  Blue — We are so glad you have found us!


To spend any time with reddolls is to know joie de vivre.  This is what she says about her experiences:  “I went on maternity leave at the end of 2010 and haven’t gone back to work since. I was going bananas at home with nothing to do (I love my kids but I’m not one of these ‘perfect mums’ that eat, sleep and breathe their kids, I needed something for just for me. I started my blog and it’s snowballed from there, I have always loved photography but have no formal qualifications although doors are opening up to me everyday. I read a blog the other day saying this was called bashert…
I grew up in Kalgoorlie and left and came back and left and came back. Some people call it a hole while others call it the place that holds their heart and keeps reeling ‘em in.  One day I will travel the world and do all the things I dream about, but for now I’m happy with my six year old boy, my almost two year old girl, my hubby of ten years, my camera and my dirt bike (we camp a lot, load up the F Truck with his bike, my bike and ours sons peewee, the swags and an esky full of beer…happy days!)”
Her home blog is http://www.reddolls.wordpress.com — Look for her there, too!


“Sometimes we are the ones who limit our abilities (and there is always some of that no matter what) and sometimes we are brainwashed and brain dead and blind in some areas because those areas have been so blighted/squashed/mocked etc. Such was my case. But the great joy of gaining some maturity – and raising kids sure helps as we make sure their life is freer! – is seeing that we can change that negative programming and become emotionally free of it.   It doesn’t happen overnight, but it DOES happen.  I’m talking about growth. Growth, especially emotional and ‘soul’ growth, I believe can only happen when we are willing to take the necessary risks, including the risk of succeeding.”

(From M — Rosy, I know this wasn’t the official bio you sent but I thought this part of our conversation said it all so perfectly and so concisely.)  I promise you it’s worth the trip to check out Rosy’s art here:



Cher’s blog is Authentic Photography.  And about her photography, taken from her blog:  “When I approached a family member of mine about my plan [to become a photographer], I was quickly shot down.  Again, being young and someone who always followed the “rules” over time I pretty much just stopped taking photo’s all together.  I do not blame anyone for my choices, however, I have learned from that experience.  When someone comes to you with a dream, listen and support them.  Tell them it is up to them but that you support their wishes.  Life is so short, go after your dreams, do what you love.  Eleven years later, my husband bought me a Nikon D90.  I picked it up about a dozen times and put in down for another two years to focus on a career path that yes I believe in, but ultimately does not bring me the joy and feeling of “one” with the world like photography does.  I had an epiphany.  From this moment on, my journey is to pursue that which fills my soul with joy and love.  I have come to realize that when you fill yourself with joy, you are able to share it and help others.  My wish is to share my vision with the world.  To inspire, provide confidence and magic in other’s life’s, to see the world for what it truly is – authentic!  A work of art.”

Antoine Burgoes | The Black and White Dragonfly

“As a child, I was reading a lot of books of all kinds. I had a happy childhood, in a numerous family…I have studied psychology and psychoanalysis in a practical scool for two years (I was 20). I was fascinated by that matter and I began a psychoanalytic therapy too, in order to understand myself. I was also missing my father, who died when I was 15. But i wanted to learn more about psychology and psychoanalysis, so I’ve begun courses at a renowned university in Paris (REné Descartes). I stopped my master’s degree of psychology because of a bad fall (while I was playing tennis -summer 1997).”  
Poetry entered his life through music. I began with writing songs in “the Cure” style. Then I found out Verlaine’s, Rimbaud’s and Baudelaire’s poems and fell in love with them. I also love Yeats, Whitman, Pablo Neruda, Paolo Pasolini or paul Auster. I guess poetry is a kind of therapy to me, to deliver me from my tormented thoughts. One of my poem was published in Zouch magazine (on the web). Actually, I am working on a collection of recent poems illustrated by photos ( a good friend is working on it with me).”  – Antoine  Also find him at http://www.theblackandwhitedragonfly.wordpress.com.

Virginia Pessanha

Virginia is a writer, part time genealogist and furniture upcycler – but mostly a writer. In her younger days she mainly focussed on poetry, dedicated journal writing and short stories. After a few years of child rearing and relocating between many states and countries, she is now  working on her first novel titled I Am The Damned which is about a young woman living in her own delusional world. On top of reading scary crime novels, she also has a fondness for tortoises. She feels very lucky to have found a wonderful community in 20 Lines and hopes to make it her home away from home for a long time to come.

Donna Jaye Dotson

“I wear many hats, but the common thread that runs through all of them is that I am a writer. I love all forms of art and creativity. I am always open to learning and finding new ways to appreciate the unique qualities and gifts the world has to offer.”  That her community reaches all around the world inspires Donna, and we love having her with us!

Laura  | LauraCannotDraw

… but she can write.  “I’m a 21 year old Geography student from London, UK! Trying to make something of my hobby – I love to write and hope to make a few people smile at the same time!  My blog is http://mundaneadventurer.wordpress.com and you can always follow me on Twitter – @nitramarual”  Laura is a breath of fresh air!  Welcome, Laura!

Franza Dirnberger

From Franza: “I am a student, living in Austria currently finding my way in the world. I was always in love with literature, especially poems, and also am writing myself. But now I decided it is time for me to go out in the open to learn, improve and to challenge myself. I think I am going to contribute poems written in German, for that is my mother tongue, but maybe also English poems.”  Welcome, Franza!  You can find her new home blog at http://www.franzad.wordpress.com.

Laura | ElJayGee

“Now in my 6th decade, I’m a woman of many tendencies and master of none, Therapist, gardener and Tai Chi teacher, I’ve started dabbling in photography. My poetry was and is too turgid and now I’m practicing loosening up on the prose, along with my limbs. I love my family, living in London and leaving it as often as possible.”  Laura’s home blog is http://www.eljaygee.wordpress.com and we look forward to getting to know her!


Single mother of three, who has been through (what I feel) is nearly every part of life, from having a husband, cars, houses, friendships, to serious health issues, poverty and then losing all of her money.  There were times when I did not have such wealth, and life was on a level.  I have been writing for a long time, and had problems getting published.  Getting poetry published is even harder.  Finally, I have found a way to get published and I want to share my poems, to give comfort to others and laughter too.
Her blog is http://thehighsthelowstheinbetweens.wordpress.com/

Jay Flynn

Relatively new to the world of Blogging, Jay is a 19 year old university student trying to find his way through this crazy world, taking vibrant landscape photographs along the way. Take a glance at his blunt yet sarcastic day to day ramblings at his blog – http://www.wordsviaimagery.wordpress.com/ or follow him on twitter @JayTFlynn

Jenny Tacken

“I am shall we say a ‘mature’ woman. That is I’m in my late 50′s. A mother of 2 girls, who lives in Melbourne Australia. I have loved writing ever since I was young. It came naturally to me, like breathing. I admit to not having an extensive vocabulary, however my writing comes from my heart and whatever words it chooses – I simply go with the flow. I write with a sense of humour, or with seriousness. I write pieces that make me shed a tear, or brings me laughter. I simply write because this is my passion, my joy, my hobby in life.
I don’t set out to publish the poetry/prose..my sites aren’t than grandeur (I have a Memoir EBook currently), I just enjoy writing and would like to share.”   Jenny’s blog is http://www.ramblingsfromamum.wordpress.com

Judy Unger

“It has been great therapy for me and my life changed when I began the process of writing. I am an artist and rediscovered my love for music and writing.  Currently, I am still composing and arranging songs. Writing poems and sharing my pain as I go through a divorce after a long marriage. I like to inspire people with my positive thinking. I will be releasing an audio book about my story in a few months. But I love sharing and want to reach and help people suffering with grief and tough situations like mine. I haven’t written about the two autistic sons I also have. Life holds challenges, but I maintain a lot of hope and my music gives me joy.”  Find more of Judy’s work to inspire you here: http://myjourneysinsight.com/

26 thoughts on “The Contributors

  1. Awesome post Melissa ..your so talented we have things to learn from you… :)

  2. Great idea – will follow – would be interested to contribute as well – but will first get to know your blog better… don’t know whether I’d have the time *cough* struggling to keep my own blog filled with interesting content *cough* (who isn’t?) In any case, happy to have found you all :)

    • We are so glad you’ve decided to follow us. And consider joining us if it will inspire you to write. That’s why I started 20 Lines, in order to make myself write a little, even twenty lines, or less, each day. (The tag also being “genius or not” which is equally important!). I know how life is, how we just cannot quite get to the headspace we need to be in order to write. So we’re very forgiving about not making it every day if you cannot. But if being here motivates you, if you write prose, short stories, poetry, or have an interest in photography, I would encourage you to participate as much as you can in our community.

      The door’s always open, so just let me know.

      Cheers, and happy writing,


      • The Dream

        Men forget and women can’t remember
        the time there was before there was a time;
        when Life was just a small and warming ember
        encircled by a dark and flashing clime.

        Pounding pulses in that mystic moment;
        swirling spirits; messages of life;
        pushed together innocence to foment,
        pulsing, swelling, in the fearless night.

        Don’t pass to me an old Creation story,
        as if there were just one to be revered.
        I’ve heard those tales, both magical and gory,
        and moved beyond Blake’s Man-with-flowing-beard.

        It matters not whose guess turned out the strongest.
        I’ve heard your hallelujahs that you’re right,
        as if a single path ran through that forest,
        and only one led clearly to the light.

        Life guides all souls back to their beginning,
        warmly canceling out the fears and pains;
        drawing each in love and abject wonder,
        accepting each with all their human stains.

        Men will know and women will remember
        It’s love that raises all into the light,
        eliminates exclusionary darkness,
        and shows that every path was partly right.

        Religion, Science, mystics, and some poets
        slip us all their worldly hints and visions rare;
        giving us the chance to understand us
        and deliver ourselves from the evil there.

        No special secret whispered to the Chosen
        held all the truth that brought us to this place.
        We’ve raced by mirrors with our faces frozen;
        our minds filled up with arrogance and race,

        as truth sang softly of our elevation,
        and beauty slowly uncovered the scene;
        we found our voices in the revelation
        that all of us are children of the dream.

        by MikeTurvey

      • This is wonderful, Mike.

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  6. What delightful and complimentary descriptions, Melissa. Thank you so much. You have such a way with words.

  7. Melissa, do you want me, me, someone who can’t write, to do a bio on me, or are you going to do it :)

  8. The colored mushroom aka WRITING JOBS is a spammer going round sites, following etc, to get people to go to his site for work.

    Thanks for the Lovely write up on ME
    I am glad I found you so many posts ago.
    I appreciate the selflessness you exhibit here on 20 Lines A Day
    and now this a write up of each and every one of us.
    We are blessed to have you, each and everyday.
    You are a busy lady and you make so much time for us. Thanks again Melissa xo

    • I tried to get everyone when I made this page, but then we had lots of people come on board all at once … so I began asking them to write a brief paragraph for me to introduce themselves to us. I want to be as accommodating as possible but also as accurate and felt I wouldn’t do them justice if I didn’t know them well or hadn’t read them for a while. Thanks for your amazing warmth and enthusiasm, and all you contribute around here, Eunice. Keep telling your story.

      Much love,

      • Oh and such a story it truly is :)
        I am so blessed and now with you and the others I feel home once again without the smell of diesel :)
        Mine you wrote was beautiful xo

  10. Melissa, thank you for the kind words, even though I have written less than 20 words. When I get my priorities in order and my ducks in a straight line I will contribute. I am a journal keeper. Someday something will fly out of there.

    • I hope they did you justice. Let me know what else I can add … and know we’re keeping the light on for you, Kathe. Thanks so much for being a part of this community’s fabric.

  11. A God-fearing WOMAN! Known as Nizy, Nak-Nak, Nacky, and Nice. A person who is positive about every aspect of life. There are many things she likes to do, to see, and to experience.

  12. Great!!!!! I like it so much! our community is soaring High!

  13. Tim, it seems I don’t get a message about the weeks prompts-does a n email come out that announces them? I find articles that have been written, but often, they dont tell the exact prompt-maybe Im not looking in the right place….beebeesworld

  14. I would like to join this!


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