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Want to Join Us?

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Writers, artists, and photographers:

I want you to join in.  For as long as you would like to motivate yourself to share your work with us.  Keep going.  Keep writing.

Twenty lines (or 250 words) or less, every day. Or one photograph a day. Genius or not.  Put yourself out there.

If you’d like to be a part of this project and challenge, submit your work to me directly at melissa.hassard@yahoo.com  … or, in the event you are responding to a challenge, in the comments section of that post.

And make this blog your second home.  Or first, if you like.

Mi casa es su casa.

It should go without saying, but all contributors retain the rights to their own intellectual property.  No reposting elsewhere or reprint without express permission of the author.  And though it’s almost never necessary, Melissa has final say on content as Editor-in-Chief and Moderator.  Thanks!

189 thoughts on “Want to Join Us?

  1. Sounds like a challenge. A tough one. Poetry needs me. hahahaha

  2. Ok, I’ll bite. I can do 20 lines or less a day.

    • Oh, now that’s just fabulous! Welcome aboard!

      • Hello everybody, am new to this whole blogging-thing, started my own blog just a few minutes ago and stumbled across your site and loved the idea….i would very much like to contribute poetry, but i am not an english native speaker, is that a problem? how do i sign in?

        lots of love

      • Hello, Franza,

        It’s not a problem at all and we would love to have you, and encourage you to submit in whatever language you feel best represents each piece of work, or both if you wish to do that, too. We have visitors from all over the world and bloggers that contribute in different languages at times. I’ll send an invitation through WordPress for you to Accept. If you have any technical questions or any questions about 20 Lines in general, please don’t hesitate to write to me directly at melissa.hassard@yahoo.com.



      • Thanks Melissa for the nice and prompt reply, will do, cause i have a few questions…so looking forward to engage in a creative process with you guys!!!


  3. Here I am…. hand me my uniform and I’ll do my work *s*

    Thanks !

  4. Sounds like something I need at the moment… The challenge of writing… Thank you…

  5. This sounds like the best way for me to stop getting myself in my way :) I would love to join the challenge if I may…

  6. I’m game! Sign me up!

  7. Well, that seems wonderful. I have been following this blog now for a while and I surely did love this exercise. I would love to be a part of it. :)

  8. sounds good to me, count me in. It is time I write.

  9. Consider me in….. Sounds like a great challenge = )

  10. I would love the experience of this exercise …!

  11. I would love to give this a try just learning to “Share” @56 lol

  12. Just trying to see if I can get in here.

  13. OK I thought I had accepted invite if you sent it to myremmy@hotmail.com

  14. Please may I join too?
    I’m good at doing lines – especially when I’ve been naughty :)

  15. Ummmm…I’m nervous that I can’t keep up…BUT I’m in.

  16. Good morning,
    Just came across the blog and I believe to now be home. I would love to partake in the production of these fine, cathartic (in both senses of the word…) installments but will be away from the allure of the monitor for most of the coming summer. After that though, please count me in on your project!

    Additionally, while I’m still around, I started …something…on my own blog today, Chronicles of A Philomath. I wrote the introduction to a story and am encouraging other writers to add to it by attaching comments. If this sounds like a pleasant distraction for your team, let them know! I’d be glad to have their help.


    • Oh, my goodness. We would love to have you whenever you are ready to come on board! I am away from my laptop this morning, but will go ahead and add you as soon as I can, and then you can come ancho as you please. What a thrill! Cannot wait to get to know you through your words.

      With warm regards,

      Melissa Hassard

      Sent from my iPhone

  17. Hey Melissa,
    I would love to give it a try! I am passionate about photography as well as writing, I am certainly on board to experience the upcoming hurricane of challenges.

  18. Hello! Hello! Count me in please!

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  20. I would love to be part of this blog, so much talent!

  21. I’m game. Thanks for making this site.

  22. I could really use the push to create something every day because I don’t typically make myself do it like I should.

  23. Thank you for posting my first entry to your blog-I look forward to reading others and continuing to submit to your site!

  24. Im having trouble finding how I “log in” to your site in order to write a blog entry-I see my “How to grow a garden” piece on the 20 lines site-now I would like to try the “homesick” entry. Is there some way I connect to a site under your blog when I want to write here?

  25. Is this either photography or writing or can one switch back and forth as the mood strikes?

  26. Hey, i came to know about beebeesworld suggested me to pay this blog a visit and i am really amazed , and encouraged to join you . This is beautiful. Though iI mostly stick to writing but now I feel photography isn’t that bad as well, in fact not bad at all , I like it:)Can i join u?

  27. Interested….tell me more…..

    • Thank you for your interest! 20 Lines is a community of writers and photographers who build our own discipline in the midst of a nurturing environment. You are welcome and encouraged to join us and write daily, or as often as life allows. If you would like to join us, just let me know! –Melissa

  28. Hi I think I posted in the wrong place but I would love to submit poems and photos here. Thank you.

  29. Hello! Timzauto has been posting some of my livejournal entries on here, and has got me interested in your blog! I would love to join!!! :)


  30. Great idea and thanks for the avenue to learn. I’d like to contribute, please. Many thanks!

  31. Would love to join! Primary blog is mental health-based but my writing blog is linked on the page – if quality is a factor. Would have to switch out with photos – do they have to be pro-caliber pictures & do they need extensive narratives? Sorry, I would go through the site now but woke at 4am & need to crash back into bed now. Thanks in advance for your time :) Oh, & magical concept!

  32. I have written poems and taken photos that I like and would like to see if they touch anyone else. I’m looking forward to posting. As I understand it we are posting on a daily basis and all the likes from all our posts are collectively totaled, is that the process? Sounds like a lot of work for someone….lol I’m game.

    • Nah, we don’t actually count lines around here. The point is to sit yourself down to write (or photograph) daily, to exercise those muscles and share in the creative process within a community of others doing the same thing. If you’d like to share previous works, that’s fine, but please do write with us as well. 20 Lines a Day, Genius or Not. We just want you writing.

      Wanna join? I’ll send you an invitation. Looking forward to reading you.


  33. I think that this concept is a great one. I tried writing a poem a day on my old blog, but I was not very successful. Perhaps it was because I was trying to do it solo. I would like to see if I could manage working in a community of artists who seem to be supportive and talented as well. Please send me an invite!

  34. Sounds interesting… count me in!

  35. I’ll give it a try – a photo a day, okay :) Can the work be from different blogs? I have a photo blog (or, 3) and another blog in which I do more writing than photography, although it has both. I’m happy to have found this blog! I can share the ‘trail’ that led me here, if you like. lv

  36. ooh – please can i come and play too?

  37. Hello there…I am a bit behind here. Is this a weekly writing/photography challenge or daily? Everyone is so excited…shaken out of those Summer doldrums it appears.


    • Gary — Great question. 20 Lines is a daily effort — one photograph or piece of writing each day. The contests have evolved along with the community, and are theme-based prompts and challenges which run weekly. And yes, I believe you are correct in that they seem to be generating excitement! I would encourage you to join us if you have any interest.

      Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment. Hope you’ll come back often.

      With warm regards,


  38. Well Melissa and Tim, one thing is evident…I am not a poet. I am not sure how to post to this refreshing effort….here is a link to my blog and my effort..
    I need to find some ice for my brain!

  39. Hello Melissa, i have just posted my first poem so that i can become a contributor, Harry.

  40. Thanks Tim, can you tell me your user namer in personal settings please.

  41. yes I do …most is posted to 20 lines or less …user name is timzauto

  42. Been watching from afar, sign me up. I hope I can keep up

  43. I wanna join. It’ll be fun. Kudos!

  44. can i join?i do really love to write poems..our every little things that comes in my mind…

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  46. I would like to join. Will you please sign me up. Thank you very much. :)

  47. What the heck. I’ve been avidly reading this blog for the past couple of weeks and I love the submissions from the entire community here. I’d like to join if you are taking in new contributors.

  48. so…how does this work exactly? i’m at comenovember.wordpress.com, but i’m interested as i’ve been following for a little over a week now…what’s the gist of it exactly…i can be reached on my blog or at comenovember82@gmail.com

    • This blog is both antidote to writers’ block as well as a community where we offer up writing and photography challenges and prompts meant to inspire. It is a nurturing and encouraging atmosphere with a touch of healthy competition. We enjoy each other and have fun while we work on our craft. Hope you’ll consider joining us! Write to me directly with questions at melissa.hassard@yahoo.com. Cheers, Melissa

  49. Hmm now this sounds interesting and it will give me a chance to indulge the amateur photog in me. I’ll have to dig out my poetry book. Alright count me in I wanna join up!

  50. Ok I’m totally IN!!! Would LOVE to be part of this too!!

  51. Hi. Looks interesting. Not sure how it works but would be keen to give it a try.

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  53. Hi,

    I’d like to join your community. My blog is karenwalcott.wordpress.com.

  54. I would love to join you all. I am more on the photography side though. I follow your blog daily! Thanks so much!

  55. I would LOVE to do this. Please tell me what to do. Thank you!!

  56. I would love to be with 20Line or Less. am i late?
    Could i ?

  57. Hi I would love to join this great community of artists, can you put me on?

  58. Hi, I was recommended to check this site out by a blogger friend of mine, I’d love to be a part of this! Can I still join? x

  59. I’d like a try out too please – used to do a 100 lines at school

  60. What a brilliant idea! I would love to join in! Gotta get my thinking cap on I think

  61. Hey :) I LOVE this idea! Exactly what the internet was made for!
    I’d love to contribute towards this

  62. Melissa I have nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award if you wish to collect it. I admire what you are doing for us fellow writers and by nominating you hopefully will encourage more people to visit and join your wonderful site. Thank you for being supportive of me.

    • This is very kind. You are more than generous, and thank you so, so much! I’ll accept this on behalf of the entire 20 Lines community, who every day grows, inspires, challenges itself and produces amazing work.

  63. Hi, I’d love to contribute, if I may! Looks like great fun! :)

  64. Hi there!
    On the process of setting up my blog yesterday, I came across 20 lines A Day and immediately fell in love with the concept!
    If its possible, I would love to contribute in my own tiny way!
    Eagerly awaiting a reply!
    Thank you :)

  65. Hi Melissa,

    I’d love to join you guys! How do I get on board?

    Thanks so much!

  66. Would love to join your blog.My poems have been published in print and I would love to share them.

  67. is this a place for professional only?

  68. I would be very much interested in joining this group- I like being creative for in creativity I find my repose. Hoping to be a part of this creative journey together.

    Swati Lahiri

  69. Looks great here… must join :)

  70. Sounds like an awesome challenge!

  71. This blog is right up my alley. I started my own blog in July (http://nikarasco.wordpress.com/) and have been posting a poem every day. My goal is a poem a day for the next year and I haven’t missed a day yet. How can become a part of this community and contribute regularly?

  72. Awesome! I can’t wait to submit some work. Thank you for including me.

  73. I’d love to join, what are the rules? I’ve had a blog for several years, but this sounds completely different, right up my street. I love writing short stories, photography, but I’m neither a writer nor a photographer. I’m subscribed to WP, However I have found it foreign to my needs, I just follow others. 20 lines sounds more like “ME”


  75. I want to join! I’ve already challenged myself to write something every day. Sometimes it’s poetry, sometimes just a musing in the journal. I also write a short post each day for my Facebook page. Will those work? Do you need to see samples?

  76. Hello Melissa and everyone at 20 lines a day. My name is Jonathan (from Australia), i live here in Europe in the Basque Country and enjoy writing poetry. May i join your community? I will send an email also. Warmest greetings from Euskal Herria. Here is my wordpress where i normally post poetry: http://peoplepoesia.wordpress.com/ =)

  77. This sounds like a great challenge, and something I need! How do I join?

    • Are you having trouble submitting, dear Maggie? I haven’t changed any settings. But let me go send another invitation, just in case something glitched.

      • All is well, Melissa. I see the “New Post” at the top. All I have to do is click that. Serves me right for not being here in so long. I just forgot how to do it. All is good now. See me blushing because I am embarrassed!

    • Hey there. When I try to re-send, it says you already have status on this site. Let me know what specific trouble you’re having when you get a moment.

  78. Hi Melissa i was wondering if we could discuss me writing on 20 lines a day.
    Many thanks

  79. Hi Melissa. I am very interested in writing on 20 lines a day. How do I go about it.
    Many Thanks

  80. Hi Melissa im wondering how to go about writing for this blog. Im very interested. Thanks. Jake

    • Jake, hello! I hope by now you are finding your way around the site. Two back-to-back trips out of town slowed my response to you more than I would have liked – glad you accepted our invitation! Any questions at all, don’t hesitate to let me know.

      Cheers, and happy writing!

  81. Ahoy Hoy Melissa. I would love to join 20 lines. I write everyday already and I feel this would be a great challenge. I would be happy to send you a sample of my writing and here is my website at WordPress: http://thepenmightierthanthesword.wordpress.com/. I enjoy poetry and stream of consciousness and I’m starting to get into short stories. Thanks for your time, and have an excellent day!

    • Thanks so much for your interest. I’ll check out your links and be back with you soon — and if you haven’t heard from me by mid-week, don’t hesitate to drop a note. Thanks again and I look forward to reading your work!


  82. So I’ve been writing for a blog for three and a half years now, and recently I have realised the more I write, the happier I am. I would like to contribute to your blog here, if it’s okay, with a 20-line poem/prose every day.
    I would be obliged if you tell me how to start about going through it. :) Thanks!

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